Cyprus: Evridiki releases her new album 25 gia panta

by Stratos Agadellis 827 views

She had been in full swing for it for several months and now it’s out! Evridiki, who has performed on the Eurovision stage under the flag of Cyprus 6 times (3 times as the lead artist and 3 times as a backing vocalist) sees the release of her latest personal album 25 gia panta (Forever 25), making her fans very happy.

This album is a tribute to Evridiki‘s 25-year music career, as it features a number of her greatest hits as duet songs with several well-known Greek and Cypriot singers and Eurostars. The record label Panik Records released the album on YouTube on 27 October.

To mono pou thimame – Evridiki feat. Demy

Evridiki meets this year’s Greek representative Demy in a special duet for one of her debut songs, titled To mono pou thimamai (The only thing I remember), released in 1991.

Mparakia – Evridiki feat. Sofia Vossou

And here’s a collaboration of two big names of the Greek music industry. Evridiki releases again her song Barakia (Bars), as duet with Sofia Vossou, who represented Greece in 1991 with the entry Anixi (Spring). Barakia was released in 1999, as part of her album To koubi (The button).

Eimai anthropos ki ego – Evridiki feat. Peggy Zina

The beloved singer makes a re-performance of her Eurovision 1994 entry, alongside Peggy Zina, who had made an attempt to represent Greece in 2002, with the song Love is a wonderful thing. In 1994, Evridiki finished 11th with 51 points.

Mono mia stigmi – Evridiki feat. Tamta

Evridiki has also met singer Tamta, who took part in the 2007 Greek national final with the entry With love. Tamta is featured in the single Mono mia stigmi (Only one moment), part of her 1993 album Misise me (Hate me).

Ziliaris Ouranos – Evridiki feat. Katy Garbi

The Greek 1993 act and popular artist Katy Garbi also takes part in the album 25 gia panta, featuring Evridiki in her 1993 song Ziliaris ouranos (Jealous sky).

Afto to fili – Evridiki feat. Thomai Apergi

The Cypriot artist shared this song with two former national final acts; Thomai Apergi, who took part in both 2013 and 2015 Greek national finals, as well as Charis Savva, who tried to represent Cyprus in 2015, together with Nearchos Evagelou. Afto to fili (That kiss) saw its release in 1996, composed by her ex-husband, the famous composer Giorgos Theofanous.

Fyge – Evridiki feat. Helena Paparizou

Of course she did not skip a duet with the 2005 winner! Helena Paparizou offers her voice in Evridiki’s song Fyge (Go), released in 1991.

Mia ap’ aftes tis meres – Evridiki feat. Despina Olympiou

Last but not least! The Cypriot singer and 2013 hopeful Despina Olympiou becomes part of the album, as she makes a duet with Evridiki in the 1996 song Mia ap’ aftes tis meres (One of these days).

Evridiki at Eurovision

Prior to her appearances as the lead artist, Evridiki had performed thrice at Eurovision as a backing vocalist, always for Cyprus. These were in 1983, 1986 and 1987.

Initially, the Cypriot artist took the Eurovision stage in 1992 in Malmö, Sweden. With her entry Teriazoume, she received a 11th place with 57 points.

During her second trial, Evridiki flew to Dublin in 1994. Her song Eimai anthropos ki ego achieved once again the 11th place with 51 points.

13 years later, in 2007, being decided to claim Cyprus’ first victory in the competition, Evridiki was internally selected by CyBC to represent the nation along with Dimitris Korgialas. Although their French-speaking song Comme ci, comme ça was one of the favorite songs of the fans and a great favorite for the victory, it only managed a 15th place in the semi-final and was eliminated at this stage. This has also been the only French entry from Cyprus to date.

Which is your favourite duet song from the album?