Portugal: Luísa Sobral speaks about her brother’s health condition

by Stratos Agadellis 4,050 views

Her family might be passing through hard times due to her brother’s health problem, but Salvador Sobral’s sister, Luísa made an exception and talked to Brazilian media about his current condition. According to her words, she is more than sure for his complete recovery.

His next song by Luísa is underway

It’s more than encouraging that Salvador’s condition seems to be stabilized and improved. The singer has now left the Intensive Care Unit and is now remaining in the ward of the Santa Cruz hospital of Lisbon.

Speaking to the Brazilian TV channel GloboLuísa Sobral stated:

I’m confident for Salvador’s recovery. I have also written a song for the recording of his next album.

Historically, Luísa was also the composer of his Eurovision winning entry Amar pelos dois and was the one who took part on behalf of him during the first week rehearsals in Kyiv.

However, he is still at the top of the list of those waiting for a heart transplant. The president of the Portuguese Cardiology Foundation, Manuel Carrageta says that Salvador’s disease is called heart failure, as his heart is tired. According to him, this imposes a heart transplantation surgery. As previously reported, an alternative solution for him would be to receive an artificial heart in the absence of a compatible donor.

We’re sending again all our best wishes to Salvador and his beloved ones!