Portugal: Salvador Sobral might receive an artificial heart

by Stratos Agadellis 6,974 views

More news coming in about the health condition of the 2017 Eurovision winner Salvador Sobral. After his admission to hospital a few weeks ago, the Portuguese singer reportedly entered the ICU, where cardiac function was mechanically supported and his relatives had limited access. However, as various news websites report, Salvador has now left the ICU and has presented a few signs of health improvement.

Artificial implant under consideration

Nevertheless, it’s still more than necessary for Salvador Sobral to undergo a heart transplantation surgery as soon as possible, as previously reported. Unfortunately, a compatible graft for him is yet to be found. Moreover what makes the donor search even more difficult is that he has to meet all the required characteristics, such as same blood type and heart size.

At the moment, Salvador is on the top on the waiting list for a donor. Should the hospital not find a proper graft, the doctors may opt for a temporary solution and this could be the implantation of an artificial heart, as the President of the Portuguese Cardiological Foundation Manuel Carrageta states.

Support messages are still coming in from all parts of the world for Salvador. Friends, colleagues and, of course, his countless fans around the globe are by his side sending their love and solidarity.

May this vicissitude for Salvador and his family end soon and soon we can see him again singing on stage!