Moldova: Sunstroke Project release new song and video

by Eleanor Cooper 1,467 views

The delightful Moldovan musical trio, Sunstroke Project, have released a new song and accompanying music video.

The Moldovan boys aka Sunstroke Project bring us summery vibes with their new entry Sun goes down.

Earlier today, they shared some behind the scenes photos of their time filming their summery video on their Facebook page.

In their own words, Sunstroke Project describe their latest single:

It’s a really powerful and catchy tune with an amazing touch of Brazilian melodies and groovy saxophone sounds which totally holds you tight from the beginning of the track to the end!!!

Sunstroke Project in Eurovision

Sunstroke Project are the most successful Moldovan Eurovision act to date. They competed for their country in 2010, along with Olia Tira with the song Run away.

Whilst it only finished in 22nd place, it became a fan-favourite and spawned the viral internet meme Epic Sax Guy.

Sunstroke Project also represented Moldova earlier this year with the song Hey mamma!. They finished in third place with 374 points, achieving the country’s best result in its thirteen years participating.