Eurovision 2017: A round-up of all polls and odds!

by Stratos Agadellis 9,848 views

We are just one breath away from the Grand Final of the 62nd Eurovision Song Contest, which is taking place in Kyiv! Now we are on the final line and we have the pleasure to present you the results of the all polls and betting odds which had taken place all the period before this year’s contest.

Results from OGAE and INFE Polls

The fan clubs of Eurovision OGAE and INFE (International Network of Fanclubs of Eurovision) have made their own polls with each participating country (and a few countries more) voting for their favourite entries. Their results are in!

The Top 3 from OGAE International Poll is:

  1. Italy: 497 points
  2. Belgium: 335 points
  3. Sweden: 308 points

The Top 3 from INFE Poll is:

  1. Italy: 186 points
  2. Bulgaria: 116 points
  3. Sweden: 113 points

Commentators’ poll is in!

All the commentators of this year’s contest who are now gathered ay Kyiv, made their own poll and crowned their winner. Let’s see their Top 3:

  1. Italy: 176 points
  2. Portugal: 148 points
  3. Bulgaria: 90 points

Press poll has its winner!

The Press Poll which was running inside the IEC during the rehearsals is also over! The Top 3 line is now published and the final score is looking like this:

  1. Italy: 100 points
  2. Portugal: 99 points
  3. Bulgaria: 90 points

The betting odds!

Last but not least as we say! The betting odds around Europe and the world keep running until the last moment! Anything can change until the announcement of the winner but the current Top 3 is about…

  1. Italy
  2. Portugal
  3. Bulgaria

It seems that winning Eurovision 2017 will be a three-horse race between Italy, Portugal and Bulgaria! So now we are keeping calm, enjoying the show and waiting for the Final results!

So, who do you think is gonna be the winner?