INFE Poll 2017: Voting concludes with the points from Israel

by Jessica Weaver 6,158 views

The results are in and a winner has been found! Throughout the month of April, ESCToday in collaboration with the INFE Network has been presenting you with the official votes of the first official INFE Poll. Club members have voted, but who has been crowned the winner of the INFE Poll 2017?

Earlier this month, the search for the winner of the first ever INFE Poll began in which club members from across the INFE Network voted for their favourite entries of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest.

Members from across a total of 18 clubs listened to each of the bidding Eurovision entries from this year’s competition and submitted their top 10 to their official clubs. The votes were then combined together and presented officially here at ESCToday in collaboration with the International Network of Fanclubs of Eurovision (INFE).

Having already received a total of 11 votes from across Europe, today sees the final set of votes in the INFE Poll 2017 being presented, the final votes of which come from INFE Israel! How did members from the final club vote?

Let’s check out the final votes from this year’s debut INFE Poll!

Votes from INFE Israel

  • 1 point goes to Portugal
  • 2 points go to Bulgaria
  • 3 points go to Switzerland
  • 4 points go to FYR Macedonia
  • 5 points go to Sweden
  • 6 points go to Estonia
  • 7 points go to Denmark
  • 8 points go to Belgium
  • 10 points go to France
  • 12 points go to Italy!

All about INFE Israel

INFE Israel is the latest addition to the INFE Network, joining just days ago. It consists of 3,200 and growing bigger every day. INFE Israel members enjoy a wide variety of activities: Eurovision chats and news, Group meetings, picnics and Karaoke and much more. INFE Israel’s moto is giving the fans a place to have fun, be free and enjoy their love for music and the Eurovision. You can find more about the INFE Israel on their official Facebook page here

The final results of the INFE Poll are in!

All 18 clubs have presented their votes, but it’s now time to see how each competing country fared in the poll:

  1. Italy 186
  2. Bulgaria 116
  3. Sweden 113
  4. Belgium 80
  5. France 80
  6. Israel 52
  7. Azerbaijan 48
  8. Estonia 38
  9. Greece 36
  10. Portugal 36
  11. FYR Macedonia 29
  12. Switzerland 29
  13. Denmark 26
  14. Austria 23
  15. Belarus 23
  16. Australia 17
  17. Cyprus 13
  18. Poland 12
  19. Armenia 10
  20. Finland 10
  21. Latvia 10
  22. Romania 10
  23. United Kingdom 9
  24. Hungary 8
  25. Czech Republic 5
  26. Ireland 5
  27. Albania 4
  28. Malta 3
  29. Norway 3
  30. Croatia 2
  31. Serbia 1

The remaining countries that failed to receive any points in the INFE Poll 2017 were Georgia, Germany, Iceland, Lithuania, Moldova, Montenegro, Russia, San Marino, Slovenia, Spain, The Netherlands and Ukraine.