Eurovision 2017: Italy and Portugal head to head in tonight’s Grand Final

by Gil Laufer 8,168 views

The full results of this year’s Grand Final Press Poll are now revealed. After a very close voting it was Francesco Gabbani from Italy who took the first place with 100 points, followed by Salvador Sobral from Portugal with 99.

The third place is taken by another favourite, Kristian Kostov from Bulgaria. Suprisingly, Lucie Jones of the United Kingdom grabs the 4th place and Blanche from Belgium goes 6th after failing to score in the Press Poll of the semifinals stage.

A total of 35 members of the press on location in Kyiv have voted for the five countries which left a remarkable impression on them among the long running order of the final, awarding five points to their first place, all the way to one point to their fifth place.

During the semifinals, the press poll had predicted 17 out of the 20 qualifiers based on the first rehearsals. Last year, the poll had predicted the exact top 3 of the final and seven out of the ten countries in the top 10.

The full prediction for this year’s final is as follows:

  1. Italy 100
  2. Portugal 99
  3. Bulgaria 90
  4. United Kingdom 38
  5. Sweden 37
  6. Belgium 18
  7. Armenia 17
  8. Azerbaijan 16
  9. France 15
  10. Hungary 15
  11. Romania 13
  12. Norway 12
  13. The Netherlands 11
  14. Belarus 10
  15. Denmark 10
  16. Moldova 10
  17. Israel 4
  18. Austria 4
  19. Cyprus 3
  20. Australia 1
  21. Germany 1
  22. Ukraine 1
  23. Poland 0
  24. Croatia 0
  25. Greece 0
  26. Spain 0

The huge difference between places 1-3 to 4-5 and then to 6-16 should predict that we’re gonna have a 2015-like voting where a specific number of countries are getting attention from everyone while the the others make it through with points from here and there.

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