France: Les Fatals Picards return with new album

by Roy Knoops 513 views

French punk-rock band Les Fatals Picards, who represented their country at the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest in Finlad, return to the spotlight with their latest album: Fatals Picards Country Club.

Fatals Picards Country Club is the band’s latest album, following 2013’s Septième Ciel, and was funded entirely by means of crowdfunding. Having raised over 93.000 Euros, the band’s drummer Jean-Marc Sauvagnargues expresses his confidence in such initiatives:

This way of dealing with things may re-invent the music industry.

Known for their dark humour, often tackling social issues in their songs, the band believes that laughter is a remedy for the most serious things. Jean-Marc Sauvagnargues explains:

We refuse to tackle a hot topic if the song becomes obsolete ten days after its release. We often try to create a song wich seems to have a light theme, but which has a deeper meaning. Humour is our red thread.

Les Fatals Picards has played some 1300 concerts in 16 years. Fatals Picards Country Club was recorded while touring, with retouching in the studio, due to the band’s busy schedule, says Jean-Marc Sauvagnargues:

We are on stage twice a week, that’s 1300 concerts in the 16 years of our existence. We prepared the album in our truck during the tour, and then we would meet for two sessions of two weeks in our studio in Angers. The goal is to not stay away from our families for too long.

Les Fatals Picards is a French alternative punk/rock band, founded in 1996. The band enjoys success in France, and currently includes Paul Léger (lead singer), Laurent Honel (vocals/guitar/bass), Yves Giraud (bass) and Jean-Marc Sauvagnargues (drums). They have released various albums and singles.

Les Fatals Picards represented France at the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest in Helsinki, Finland, with the song L’amour à la Française reaching the 22nd place out of 24 contestants in the Grand Final, with 19 points.

Enjoy Les Fatals Picards performing L’amour à la Française during the Grand Final of Eurovision 2007 once again: