Sweden: Hosting ESC 2016 a successful story for Stockholm

by Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani 1,754 views

SVT, the Swedish national broadcaster and Stockholm  have announced that the 2016 Eurovision edition has proven to be successful for both the City of Stockholm and the broadcaster itself. Holding the contest has generated  263 million SEK for the Stockholm region.

As the dust settles in Stockholm after hosting the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest successfully, the city is very proud and satisfied of its outcome. Both the Swedish national broadcaster and Stockholm worked very hard and earnestly to bring about the best Eurovision Song Contest in terms of organization, hosting and showcased an extraordinary excellent show.

Stockholm view- VISITSTOCKHOLM
Aerial view of Stockholm (photo credit: visitstockholm)

The 2016 Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm attracted a massive number of international visitors and generated revenues of 263 million SEK. This corresponds to 175 jobs on an annual basis. Stockholmers were treated to experience a series of events throughout the Scandinavian capital, very much in league with this Eurovision’s motto and slogan Come Together, thus bringing everyone together under the same sky!

A special survey was carried out targetting both Stockholmers and international guests on their perception of the 2016 ESC host city. Sweco carried out the survey on behalf of the City of Stockholm and came to the conclusion that the 2016 Eurovision edition has proven to be both sucessful and profitable for Stockholm.

The Eurovision side events- a huge success!

The Euroclub at the waterfront outside the Royal Palace in Stockholm (photo credit: Foto: Gustav Dahlander/SVT)

One of the goals of the event was to get Stockholmers to feel part of the event at the Eurovision Village at Kungsträdgården (the Royal Garden) and the Eurofan Cafe/Euroclub at waterfront outside the Royal Palace and at selected locations in the city under the vignette In your neighborhood. The events received good reviews,  9 out of 10 Stockholmers thought that the events were good or very good.

Ms.Karin Wanngård, the Mayor of Stockholm is very pleased and proud with the outcome:

 It is gratifying to see that visitors who came to Stockholm for Eurovision, perceived the essence of the city and felt that Stockholm is as an  open, welcoming, innovative city and characterized by diversity and equality of all people. It makes me confident about the importance of the events invasaging a city for everyone.

The Eurovision shows at the Globen Arena attracted 38,000 unique visitors. We must not forget to add the large number of  delegations, media and visitors who came to the city for Eurovision. 7 out of 10 ticket buyers were visitors who had travelled specially to Stockholm for the ocassion, half of them from overseas.

Mr. Jesper Ackinger, Deputy CEO Stockholm Business Region is very pleased with the outcome of hosting Eurovision in Stockholm.

The analysis shows the tremendous spin-off as an international event gives the city. Events are much more than ticket sales and stadium costs – they are of great importance for the image of Stockholm, and the development and job creation throughout the region.

ESC 2016 in Stockholm Facts and Feats

  • Visitors stayed 5.2 days on average and spent 2,141 SEK per day.
  • A total written 54,026 articles and 149,150 in the social channels of Stockholm linked to the event.
  • The range of 61.2 billion corresponds to every single person in the whole world who heard something about Stockholm
  • Eurovision hosting more than 8 times, or if any Europeans heard the same 83.5 times.
  • 9 out of 10 people surveyed  perceived Stockholm as open and welcoming city
  • 8 out of 10 people surveyed perceived Stockholm as innovative city characterized by diversity
  • 1.5 million visits at the Eurovision Village
  • 12,000 people were accredited in relation to ESC (volunteers, workforce, delegations, fans, journalists and fans)
  • 6,000 water bottles were distributed among volunteers and journalists
  • 2,500 Eurovision fans bought tickets for exclusive access to the Euroclub
  • 2,000 journalists from 73 countries worked at the Press Centre
  • 42 flags from the competing countries were hoisted at the wharf outside the Royal Palace at the Flag Ceremony.
  • A special Eurovision Countdown Magic Flower Clock was placed at Norrmalstorg Square
  • An extraodinary City Sky Liner was placed at the Eurovision Village located at Kungsträdgården.

The 2016 Eurovision Song Contest was hosted  in the majestic Swedish capital last May. It is was the 3rd time Stockholm played host to the contest.

The Magic Countdown Flower Clock by Matias Dahlqvist at Norrmalmstorg in Stockholm

A total of 9 shows were held at the Globe Arena in Stockholm during the Eurovision week, plus mega  The Eurovision Party at Tele2 Arena, attracting thousands of Swedes and international visitors.

Both locals and international guests got the chance to experience all the special activities held throughout city during the Eurovision period: the Eurovision Village at Kungsträdgården (the Royal Garden), the Euroclub and Eurofan Cafe at the wharf outside the Royal Palace and all the other side events organized under the motto In your neighborhood.

rose dor
SVT win the prestigious Rose D’Or Award for Eurovision 2016 in Berlin (photo credit: EBU/SVT).

The 2016 Eurovision Song Contest was watched by over 200 million viewers and was awarded the prestigious Krystal Award in Sweden and the Rose D’0r Award for Best Entertainment Show in Berlin.

Thank you Stokholm! Thank you Sweden!