Latvia: Aminata releases video for Fighter

by Eleanor Cooper 1,060 views

Animata, who represented Latvia last year in Vienna, has released the official video for her new song Fighter.

The video was directed by Andrzej Gavriša, and has a boxing storyline. Aminata fights different opponents in both a claustrophobic underground arena, and Riga’s boxing arena. There were no body doubles used in the filming, and both of Aminata’s opponents, Sabīna Cucuta and Karina Sun, are professional boxers themselves. Aminata was trained in boxing by coach Evgeny Alekseev.

I have always wanted to shoot a boxing story, says director Andrzej Gavriša. Finally I have the opportunity to do it! We wanted it to look as realistic as possible, so Aminata has spent almost every other day for the past two months boxing! We used the arena in Riga to add to this realism. I would like to thank the producer, Julija Fricsons, for the great work. She has also shown us that boxers are the nicest and most open people!

Aminata has said the whole filming process was really enjoyable. Filming the first fight just felt so realistic! People cried and supported, as if it was really happening, and I just had this feeling that I wanted to win!, she laughs.

The room was also quite cold, but we had to walk around in shorts and a t-shirt. Non-stop filming for several days was challenging, but seeing the first results made me determined to continue – it spoke for itself.

Aminata competed in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 for Latvia, and finished in 6th place with 186 points. Aminata has written and produced this year’s Latvian entry, Heartbeat, with which Justs Sirmais will open the second semi-final.