Discover Stockholm: Let’s go for a fika!- the coffee culture

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ESCToday in collaboration with the City of Stockholm will be bringing you a series of articles leading up to the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest in order to showcase and introduce the 2016 Eurovision host city Stockholm to our readers. Today we will go for a Fika in the city and indulge in a good old cuppa of coffee and some Swedish cinnamon buns. We will check out some of the quaint and cosy cake shops and cafes in town!

Swedish pastry - Cinnamon buns called Kanelbullar
Swedish pastry – Cinnamon buns called Kanelbullar (photo credit

It is truly a Swedish tradition to go for a fika! If we translate it to English, it means to meet up for a coffee and a cake! It has become very much a part of Swedish culture and tradition to meet up informally for a coffee and pastry. Swedes enjoy baked goods, cakes and pastries. You will find amazing cake shops and cafes throughout Stockholm with exquisite delicacies and mouth watering pastries.

You can have a coffee, tea, milkshake or juice when go for a traditional fika! Swedish cakes and pastries are famous all over the world. If you have a sweet tooth then you are in for a treat, as Stockholm is a paradise for cake and pastry lovers.

Swedish muffins

Mind you the cafes are brimming with lots of young people. You will surely enjoy the ambiance and atmosphere of true Swedish culture when you visit a cafe or cake shop in Stockholm. Let’s check out some of the most popular hang out places in Stockholm for a fika!

You must not miss the traditional Swedish cinnamon bun when you go for a fika in Stockholm!

The Expresso House

The Expresso House coffee shops can be found all over Stockholm and offer a great range of coffees, pastries, cakes and sandwiches. They are cosy and are frequented by local youngsters, and have free Wi-fi. Their cinnamon rolls are absolutely mindblowing! It is one of my favourite cafes in the city.

Cakes, pastries and sandwiches at Expresso House

Cafe String

Cafe String is decorated with furnishings from the 1950’s and 60’s and is a popular place to hang out. It is located on Södermalm Island.

Cafe Panorama

Cafe Panorama is a nice place to have a quiet cup of coffee with the magnificent view of Sergel’s Torg. The coffee shop is located on the 5th floor at Kulturhuset in Sergel’s Torg.


Chokladkoppen is a gay friendly cosy coffee shop located in Stortoget, Gamla Stan. The coffees and cakes here are absolutely delicious. This is amongst the most popular hang out places in town. It’s quaint and elegant!

A delicious capuccino and an apple pie at Chokoladkoppen


Vette-Katten is one of the most popular cake shops in town offering high quality traditional Swedish cakes and pastries. It is aptly located in Kunsgatan, downtown Stockholm.

Waynes Coffee

Waynes Coffee  have many coffee shops throughout Stockholm, and are quite popular among locals. Waynes Coffee serve their own brand of coffee whilst their pastries, cakes and sandwiches are made from organic products.

You can find more detailed information about cafes and cake shops in Stockholm here.

There are lots of nice cafes and cake shops in Södermalm, an area that has become really popular among youngsters and Stockholmers. So don’t forget to go for a fika when in Stockholm!

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