Germany: Unser Lied für Stockholm voting breakdown

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Following the release of the Unser Lied für Stockholm viewing figures from last night, NDR and ARD have since revealed a full breakdown of the national final results.

Last night, Jamie-Lee Kriewitz was crowned the winner of Germany’s 2016 national final, Unser Lied für Stockholm (ULfS), therefore earning the right to represent the country at the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest. Jamie-Lee received a total of 44.48% (498,293) of the votes in the second round of voting, succeeding both Alex Diehl (33.94%, 380,293 votes) and Avantasia (21.58%, 241,573 votes).

NDR and ARD have since released a full breakdown of last night’s votes, showing where each of the 10 competitors placed in the first round of voting. How did the top 3 fare in the first stage of the voting?

During the first round of voting, Jamie-Lee had a clear lead after receiving a total of 28.78% (221,846) of the votes, however it was originally Avantasia who ranked in second position with 16.19% of the votes, only 600 votes ahead of Alex Diehl (16.12%).

The remaining competitors ranked as follows:

  • Laura Pinski (11.11%, 4th)
  • Gregorian (9.06%, 5th)
  • Luxuslärm (5.52%, 6th)
  • Ella Endlich (5.34%, 7th)
  • Keøma (3.32%, 8th)
  • Joco (2.93%, 9th)
  • Woods of Birnam (1.63%, 10th)

In total, 1,120,159 votes were received in the first round with 770,809 being submitted in the final stage. A full breakdown of the votes can be found at

Jamie-Lee will compete in the grand final of the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest on the 14 May. How will Jamie-Lee fare at the Stockholm-hosted event with her entry, Ghost?

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