Germany: Viewing figures for Unser Lied für Stockholm released

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Yesterday evening, Germany held its national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2016, Unser Lied für Stockholm. Won by 17-year old Jamie-Lee Kriewitz and her song Ghost, the show proved to be a hit, according to the viewing figures.

According to the official press-release by German broadcaster ARDUnser Lied für Stockholm as watched by some 4.47 million viewers in the country – the highest viewing rate for the national final since 2010. The viewing percentage was 13,8 procent, also the highest percentage in six years. In the age category of 14- to 49-years old, 1.46 million viewers tuned in to the show, a percentage of 12,3 procent. And at the hight of the viewing figures, 5.85 viewers tuned in. Needless to say, Unser Lied für Stockholm was a huge success.

Winner of the show is 17-year old Jamie-Lee Kriewitz, also winner of The Voice of Germany 2015, with her song Ghost. During the super-final, she won with 44,5 procent of the televotes, a convincing victory. Alex Diehl came second with 33,9 procent, while the band Avantasia earned third place with 21.6 procent. A total of some 1.9 televotes were sent by telephone, SMS and App: 770.809 during the first round, and 1.120.159 during the super-final.

Unser Lied für Stockholm was hosted by Barbara Schöneberger.

The winning song, Ghost, is written by Anna Leyne, Thomas Burchia and Conrad Hensel. Singer Jamie-Lee Kriewitz from Hannover is very happy about her victory:

I am extremely happy to travel to Stockholm, it’s a tremendous honor for me! I will work very hard and give everyting!

ARD entertainment coordinator Thomas Schreiber is also very pleased, and happy for Jamie-Lee Kriewitz:

Gomabseudnida JamieLee thank you, JamieLee, and congratulations! We look forward to our journey to the Eurovision Song Contest. For all participants, Barbara Schöneberger and the team of Raab TV and NDR: thank you for an enjoyable, successful show. Stockholm, here we come!

Jamie-Lee Kriewitz will be a guest in the TV-show NDR Talk Show, Friday 26 February 2016, form 22.00 CET on NDR.

Enjoy Jamie-Lee Kriewitz performing her Eurovision-entry, Ghost.


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