Ireland: Linda Martin reserved about Ireland’s chances

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Former Irish Eurovision representative and 1992 winner Linda Martin is reserved about Nicky Byrne’s chances at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016.

Linda Martin supports Nicky Byrne, who will represent Ireland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden. However, the 1992 Eurovision winner is reserved when it comes to Ireland’s chances at landing a top position, as she stated in the Herald:

I have heard Nicky and I wish him the very best. I think we will make it out of the semi-final but I don’t think we’ll win.

However, the Irish artist does admit that she has not listened to any of the other competing songs:

I have only seen Nicky’s song – I haven’t heard or seen anybody else’s song so I’m a little bit behind things this year.

Linda Martin will be working during Eurovision 2016, collaborating with another Irish Eurovision-legend, Johnny Logan:

On Eurovision night, I am going to Frankfurt to work on an open-air concert with Johnny Logan so I won’t be at home to see it. I have worked with him hundreds of times at this stage, so it will be good fun.

Linda Martin competed in the Irish national selection for Eurovision nine times, as a solo-artist and as a member of the groups Chips and Linda Martin & Friends. The singer won the national selection twice: in 1984 she represented Ireland in Luxembourg with the song Terminal 3, earning the second place with 137 points, and in 1992 she won the Eurovision-crown with the song Why me?, with 155 points. Both of Linda Martin’s Eurovision-entries were written by Johnny Logan, himself winner of the contest in 1980 and 1987. Besides being a singer, Linda Martin is also a TV-hostess and a theatre atress.

Enjoy Linda Martin performing her 1992 winning Eurovision song, Why me?, once again:

And listen to Ireland’s 2016 Eurovision-entry, Sunlight, performed by Nicky Byrne:

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