Russia: Polina Gagarina at the World Cup Qualifier Draw

by Daniel Doyle 1,794 views

Polina Gagarina, this year’s Russian representative, made a special guest appearance at the 2018 FIFA World Cup preliminary qualifier draw.

The Russian superstar performed her Eurovision entry A million voices which came in a respectable 2nd place at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna. Check out her performance below!

Полина Гагарина – A Million Voices.Полина Гагарина – A Million Voices.Выступление Полины на церемонии предварительной жеребьевки Чемпионата мира по футболу FIFA 2018 в России.#polinagagarina #music #aMillionVoices #show #FIFA2018 #Russia #WorldCup #полинагагарина #шоу

Posted by Polina Gagarina on Saturday, 25 July 2015

Polina was not the only Eurovision related guest to appear at the draw. The 2009 semi-final host Natalia Vodianova compared the show with the 2009 Green Room host and 2015 Russian spokesperson, Dmitry Shepelev.

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