Eurovision 2015: Voting results and a scandal

by Michalis Vranis 1,040 views

Right after the announcement of Sweden’s victory in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest last Saturday, the EBU revealed the split votes for the semi-finals as well as made a revelation about jury results which were excluded from the final counting

The revelation of the split results for the two semi-finals of the Eurovision Song Contest, was followed by a voting scandal in two Balkan countries.

In consultation with PwC, the independent voting observer of the contest and after the decision of the Executive Supervisor as well as the Chairman of the Reference group, the jury votes for FYR Macedonia and for Montenegro were excluded from the final counting. The public tele-vote was used instead, in 100% of the countries’ votes. Furthermore, it was announced on a report that the exclusion will be further discussed during the next Reference Group meeting, taking place this June. will be following the news closely and will report over the matter in due course