Eurovision 2016: Which is the next host city?

by Michalis Vranis 534 views

Sweden was crowned the 60th winner of the Eurovision Song Contest, last Saturday in Vienna. A victory that marks their 6th success in the contest.

Right after the nail biting voting, the first question came to mind was which city will be hosting the contest next year.

During the winner’s press conference, Head of Delegation of Sweden and Executive producer of Melodifestivalen Christer Björkman surprised everyone by being prepared to answer such question.

Sweden hosted the contest in 2013 after Loreen’s victory in Baku, Azerbajian with Euphoria. A fact that has left fresh memories of the organisation of the contest.

Mr Björkman explained that after realising that Sweden is one of the favourites to win, SVT contacted already the cities interested in hosting the contest next year and also left the doors open for other cities to bit as well.

You can watch the full winner’s press conference on

In 2013 it was Malmö the city which hosted the Eurovision Song Contest. Which city would you like to see hosting the next Eurovision?