Bulgaria: An unusual Deep Zone Project!

by Robin Scott 650 views

In 2008 Bulgaria chose a group called Deep Zone Project (along with DJ Balthazar) to be their representatives at the Eurovision Song Contest. They had been one of the Semi Final wildcards in their selection process.

The videos which accompany the songs are always well produced and very different, some achieving millions of views. Their latest is called May the force be with us, so it’s not difficult to guess that the theme is Star Wars. On their Youtube channel they explain that the English version and also Club mixes will soon be available but, for now, you can enjoy the video in Bulgarian.

Watch some of the characters from the popular science fiction film series, who seem to have developed some great dancing moves!

Deep Zone ProjectНека Силата е с нас [May the force be with us] (Neka Silata e s nas)

The song DJ, take me away won the national final by a margin of 0.1% of the televote and performed in the second Semi final in Belgrade. Unfortunately they came eleventh and so did not qualify to the Grand Final. The Bulgarian house/electro band have been together since 2000 and their discography includes six albums and eleven singles. They have won the MM TV Music Award for the Best Song in 2002 and also Best Club Track of the Year in 2003. In 2015 they were guests on X Factor Bulgaria.

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