Author: Fernando Méndez

Fernando Méndez

Born and raised in Spain, he has been a fan of the Eurovision Song Contest since 1986. SInce then he has not missed any of the shows and his passion for the event has not wained a bit. Now he is bringing the Eurovision news and enjoying it.

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Bosnia and Herzegovina: The postcard

The representatives of Bosnia and Herzegovina have done their part in the preparation of the postcard for their Eurovision performance in Stockholm. The concept of the postcards this year includes…

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France: Entry presented live

The French Eurovision entrant performed live his entry for Stockholm last Saturday for the first time in the Dicaire Show. Preceded by a series of impressions of past Eurovision entries…

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Slovenia: ManuElla wins EMA 2016

The Slovenian representative for the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 was selected in the country´s national selection. ManuElla will defend the entry Blue and red in the 2nd semifinal in Stockholm. ManuElla stood up among…

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Watch now: Melodifestivalen Heat 4

The Swedish national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 continues tonight. Enjoy the seven acts that will compete tonight for their chance to continue the struggle for the ticket…