Spain: Remedios Amaya breaks the silence

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The Spanish entrant in Eurovision 1983 has just put an end to a hiatus that lasted already longer than years. Her new album has been released and the title could not be more appropriate…

She is a virtuoso of flamenco, the genre that she has cultivated her whole life, but playing with it at the same time. And within the flamenco circles she is highly recognized despite her fiasco at the Eurovision Song Contest 1983 when she represented Spain with Quién maneja mi barca.

Remedios Amaya released her last album in 2002, Sonsonete, and in 2004 her Greatest Hits would be the last that we would see of her on the shelves of the record stores.

Now we learn through Descubriendo Eurovisión that Remedios Amaya has released her new album, whose title is a clear statement: Rompiendo el silencio (breaking the silence). It consists of 11 tracks, all covers of famous songs that were performed originally by big names in the Spanish-language music field, like María Dolores Pradera, Alberto Cortez, Antonio Machín and Lola Flores.

Remedios Amaya Rompiendo el silencio

Rompiendo el silencio bears the brand of Warner Music and it has counted with the work of Fernando Vacas, producer of the album. Piano, harp, flute and other instruments join the voice of Remedios Amaya to create a magical and unparalleled atmosphere.

The album was recorded in the church of La Magdalena in Córdoba, Spain. The setting has provided a special sound and acoustics that complete the ambiance branded into the sounds of the recording.

Church of La Magdalena, Córdoba -
Church of La Magdalena, Córdoba –

Rompiendo el silencio can be purchased online.

Remedios Amaya sang Quien maneja mi barca in the Eurovision Song Contest 1983 for Spain. She was left with null points, but her act is often mentioned as one of those which did not deserve such a poor result.

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