Bosnia and Herzegovina: The postcard

by Fernando Méndez 395 views

The representatives of Bosnia and Herzegovina have done their part in the preparation of the postcard for their Eurovision performance in Stockholm.

The concept of the postcards this year includes views of the artists’ personal and professional lives with scenic views of their home country.

We learn from that the singers that will represent Bosnia and Herzegovina, Dalal, Deen, Ana and Jala have shot the postcard that will introduce their act in the first semifinal and hopefully in the Grand Final too.

Recordings include the Yellow Bastion, which offers the best view of the country’s capital, Sarajevo, as well as the Old City, where the artists will be seen tasting the local kebabs.

Bosnia and Herzegovina will be represented in its return to Eurovision this year by Dalal, Deen, Ana and Jala with Ljubav je.

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