Estonia: Eurolaul 2008 running order confirmed

by Benny Royston 123 views

Estonia's national broadcaster has announced the running order for Eurolaul 2008, the country's national final to select the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest entry. reports that the running order draw was made today. The confirmed list of performers has not yet been announced.

The running order was decided by ETV earlier today. The last of the ten songs has yet to be written. Elmar Liitmaa will write the entry for the winning participant from teh Kaks takti ette music competition.

1. Leto svet – Composers: Priit Pajusaar, Glen Pilvre, Peeter Oja, Hannes Võrno, Tarmo Leinatamm
2. Real Big Money – Composer: Taavi Otsus
3. One on One – Composer: Vahur Valgmaa
4. Question Man – Composers: Rein Rannap / Karl-Martin Sinijärv
5. Üksinduses – Composers: Madis Muul, Kristjan Kasearu
6. 365 Days – Composers: Pearu Paulus, Alar Kotkas, Ilmar Laisaar / Jana Hallas
7. It's Never too Late – Composers: Imre Sooäär, Riina Kindlam
8. Stefani – Composers: Rainer Michelson / Hendrik Sal-Saller
9. Ice-cold Story – Composers: Riine Pajusaar
10. As yet unwritten. Elmar Liitmaa will compose a song for winner of the 'Kaks takti ette' music competition.


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