Russia: more details on national final

by Marcus Klier 2,131 views

As previously announced, the Russian national final for the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest will be held on 9th March. More details regarding the selection have now been published, among them probably the most important one for the fans: the show will not only be broadcast live on RTR but also on the internet!

The deadline to submit songs is the 1st February. In the national final, the winner will be chosen by an expert jury, televoting, SMS voting and internt voting. The lines will be opened after the first song has been performed and they will be closed ten minutes after the last song has finished.

Russia has done well in the 2006 and 2007 Eurovision Song Contest finishing 2nd and 3rd respectively. It will only be the fourth time a national final will be held after 1994, 1996 (the winning song did not pass the internal qualifier round) and 2005.