Turkey offer Eurovision bid to Mor ve Ötesi

by Benny Royston 206 views

Mor ve Ötesi have been chosen to represent Turkey at Eurovision Song Contest in Belgrade is coming through this evening. TRT's general manager İbrahim Şahin announced that a deal in principle has been agreed, although no contract has yet been signed.

TRT general manager İbrahim Şahin announced that they had a deal with the band Mor ve Ötesi for Eurovision in principle. Although the song has yet to be written, it is believed that it will be specific to the competition and will be in Turkish. It is therefore almost certain thatthere will be a national final in Turkey in 2008.

Accoding to Sabah, TRT had a shortlist of five groups or singers for consideration which included Tarkan, a popular choice for participation by Eurovision fans. It is believed that Tarkan was offered the chance to go to Belgrade but turned an offer down. TRT then turned to Mor ve Ötesi who are believed to have accepted the opportunity.

The band has been performing for 12 years, with the line-up of Kerem Kabadayı, Harun Tekin, Derin Esmer and Alper Tekin. The band are popular in their home country, with their last of four albums raising their profile from local performers to the national stage. Thei award winning CD, Dünya Yalan Söylüyor (The World is Lying) has so far sold more than a quarter of a million copies. Trhey are notorious for political messages and strong themes, including personal tragedies and the problems facing Turkey.

You can watch Mor ve otesi's promotional video of Sirket below.