JESC: Made in Greece off to the party

by Stella Floras 262 views

Today, ERT presented to the press Greece's representatives in the 2007 Junior Eurovision Song Contest to be held in a few days in Rotterdam. Stephanie, Suzan, Anna Trepekli, Sophia and Andromachi Yfanti now known as Made in Greece spoke about themselves and sang a bit of their song Kapou Mberdeftika for the readers of

The girls spoke about themselves and the inspiration for their song "It was after a fight we had, we started playing some music to let some steam off and one of us told the others "Mi mou kaneis ton tsambouka" (freely translated that means Don't you play it tough with me). The song was born right there and then and it was about us sisters fighting. Then we thought we'd find another…… victim (they laughed) and made it all about a boy."

Akis Stamatiadis , the Greek delegation's creative director, summed it all up: " We have been invited to a party, the greatest party for children in the world. And this is where we are going! First and foremost we are going to have fun, no stress whether we are going to win or not." As far as the staging of the song is concerned, Mr Stamatiadis said that "Just like parents who spoil their children we let the girls do pretty much what they want on stage. We changed very little." And he promised that there will be a very entertaining gimmick on the Ahoy arena stage on 8th December.

Stella Floras

Thanks to Johnny Logan and Hold me now I fell in love with the Eurovision Song Contest, a love that's been going strong ever since with undiminished passion. My first memories date back to 1977 and the lyrics of Rock bottom, Dschinghis Khan and A ba ni bi are still engraved in my brain.

I joined in 2006 as a junior editor after being invited by Barry Viniker, I soon became Senior Editor and during the 2007 contest in Helsinki I was appointed Head of Communications. Today I hold the post of Head of Human Resources and I am proud to be working with the best editorial team in the world.