JESC: Hostess' pregnancy alters plans

by Juergen Boernig 115 views

Kim-Lian van der Meij, the hostess of the 2007 Junior Eurovision Song Contest, is three months pregnant with her first child. These past three months have been very difficult for the popular artist but things seem to be improving now. Due to Kim's pregnancy, a number of adjustments have to be made in the JESC show to ensure she is safe and comfortable throughout.

Kim-Lian just started her preparation for her role as Carmen in the musical Fame produced by Albert Verlinde who also hosts the famous gossip TV Show RTL Boulevard on Dutch TV, but she will probably not be able to complete the entire tour. Becoming a mother will be a big change in her life as she is a workaholic. She never thought of having children before the age of 30, but Dutch musical star Danny de Munk changed all that. Hepointed out to Kim thatthere is more in life than work. Furthermore he said that she should make sure not to reach the point when she feels she is married to her work.

Because of Kim-Lian van der Meij's pregnancy, the 2007 JESC opening act will be adapted accordingly. The hosts will make their appearance on stage by descending from the ridge of Ahoy, this year's venue of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. However, some stage settings will certainly have to be changed. The object from which Kim-Lian would come down to the stage will have to be adapted. 'We don't want Kim-Lian to be sick before the show even got started' says José van der Mark, senior anchorwoman of the JESC.

Dutch broadcaster AVRO started preparations for the opening act early already. The introduction movie was shot in September and will show children dancing on their way to Ahoy. Furthermore, there will be 60 young dancers on stage. Choreographer Lucia Marthas states: 'We've been working hard already and we'll use a lot of umbrellas. You can expect the dancers to be dancing in the rain literally, which suits this year's theme (Make A Big Splash) perfectly'.