Discover Vienna: Visions of Vienna in Sydney

by Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani 665 views

Yes its true Vienna has reached down under! Earlier this  month our Aussie friends in Sydney got a chance to discover the beauty of the 2015 Eurovision host city via a special event which was held in Sydney- Visions of Vienna.

Visions of Vienna was a musical concert by Sydney’s Symphonic Orchestra in liason with Vienna Info, which was held at Sydney’s Opera House on Wednesday 4th of February, thus bringing the 2015 Eurovision host city Vienna one step closer to Australia. We must say this seems like a prelude marking Australia’s debut at the Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna.

Visions of Vienna- The concert– courtesy of Sydney’s Symphonic Orchestra

In a landmark cultural event, the Sydney Symphony Orchestra performed to thousands of people around the Sydney Harbour foreshore and across the world when its sold-out concert Greatest Hits from Vienna inside the Sydney Opera House was projected live onto the sails.

As they performed inside the Concert Hall, the SSO became the first resident company and professional orchestral ensemble to feature in live real-time video projections on the sails. The spectacle on the sails was broadcast in a live web-stream and audiences from over 50 countries around the world tuned in online.

Accompanying the projections of the Orchestra were images inspired by the art of Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele, as well as the pages of the original score of By the Beautiful Blue Danube waltz by J STRAUSS II.

The Sydney Symphony Orchestra’s performance of the Greatest Hits from Vienna was broadcast live onto the sails of the Sydney Opera House:  a first for an Australian professional ensemble. With live sound and the projected performance, the public across the harbor enjoyed the music, as well as those on passing ferries! In addition to projections of the concert, you could also enjoy dramatic artwork and stunning vistas of Vienna.

Highlights of Visions of Vienna- courtesy of Vienna Info and Blink TV

Blink TV was briefed to produce a one hour TV special for SBS Australia, along with content for the Vienna Tourist Board. Blink worked with the Opera House’s team, as well as providing crews to shoot behind the scenes, and capture public reactions.

With Visions of Vienna, a long-held problem was solved… how to broadcast what was going on inside the Opera House, to the people outside the Opera House.

Australia will debut at the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest on 23 May at the Wiener Stadthalle. SBS in partnership with Blink TV will be responsible for Australia’s participation at the 2015 Eurovsion Song Contest. Australia’s SBS One will air and vote in all 3 shows.

The 2015 Eurovision Song Contest is scheduled to be held in Vienna on 19, 21 and 23 May.

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