Latvia: Four more acts advance

by Pete Lewis 102 views

Tonight, four more acts progressed to the semi-final of Supernova, the show which will decide the entry for Latvia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2015.

The show saw ten more acts perform on the live heats hoping to win a place in next week’s semi-final. After the public and jury each selected two songs each, Markus Riva, Aminata, Euphony and Rihards Berzins were the four acts chosen to move on to the next stage.

They join Antra Stafecka, Framest, MNTHA and ElektroFolk who progressed from the first heat last week.

The eight acts will now take part in Supernova’s semi-final on 15 February where only four of the acts will reach the final.

LTV Supernova schedule:

  • Heat one (1 February)
  • Heat two (8 February)
  • Semi-final (15 February)
  • Final (22 February)

At the Eurovision Song Contest 2014, Latvia were represented by the band Aarzemnieki. With their song Cake to bake, they managed to finish in 13th place in their semi-final.

Despite this representing Latvia’s best placing in six years, they failed to reach the final.

Do you agree with the result in Latvia? Who do you think should represent the country at the Eurovision Song Contest 2015?

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