Denmark: Sara Sukurani’s talk with ESCToday

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The candidate to the Danish entry for the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest comes with a powerful song spiced with touches from the Mediterranean and the Middle East. She is trying to move the hearts of people. And she told us how…

Sara Sukurani is going to try to conquer the heart of the Danish audience with a rich and tasty musical dish. She knows that its a testing task, but she is confident of the openness of the public on Saturday and that she will bring the magic to Aalborg.

Love me love me is your entry. It could be described as exotic but, going beyond that, how would you describe it in your own words?

It’s a song about falling in love, about just being happy and trying to get the guy’s attention and the feeling of the heartbeat. In the show I really want to express that happiness and positive energy.

Do you find it hard to bring these exotic beats to a Nordic audience?

A little. I knew it was a big challenge, but I think that it can do a lot of good: this music can bring unity, peace, happiness so that other people in Denmark with other ethnic backgrounds can be part of this experience as well. And besides, people here are quite open. It shall work well.

Could Love me love me be a message of love for the whole Humankind, not just about falling in love, maybe?

It is, and that is why I’ve chosen my symbol as the cover of the song: the Earth with wings. That symbolizes Unity, Peace and Music. I really want to come out with a positive message. That’s why I wanted to be a part of all this, and do something good.

Taking that into account, is that message of universal love one thing that can support your bid for being in Vienna?

It is. If I win the Dansk MGP and go to the Eurovision Song Contest it would definitely be a great chance to talk to the whole world of my message of peace and love.

Are you confident about winning?

I am confident about myself. I’m not stressed: I feel ready. I’ll do my best and try to have the vote of the people.

Given the will of sending a universal message out to the world, are there any plans to give the message of Love me love me in other languages?

I don’t know yet. I’ll take one step at a time. The DMGP is already a big thing, so I will focus on it for the time being and do my best.

Thanks a lot for your time and good luck.

You’re welcome.

Sara Sukurani is participating in the Dansk MGP 2015 with her entry Love me love me, which she hopes to sing for Denmark in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest.

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