Denmark: Tina & René interview with ESCToday

by Fernando Méndez 293 views

The duo of the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix is settling the last details of the performance in the Gigantium. In between activities, they spend a few minutes with us relating their experience so far.

Tina and René come from different backgrounds, but when you meet both of them together you can tell that the combination is working in perfect harmony. Besides, they are open and talkative and one can see that they are thorough and focused on their joint effort pursuing the common dream of winning the Dansk MGP.

How is it going with the preparations for Dansk MGP?

Very well; we rehearsed yesterday, we have four amazing backup singers as well… We really have an amazing team.

What is the feeling like of being on the stage, in the arena?

It’s incredible and hard at the same time. With the earpieces plugged, the song, and the choreography… There are a lot of things that you have to remember. The first time may be not that good, but after going though things four times it goes much better. In any case, it’s amazing.

You are a duo but you have never worked together before…How are things when you work together?

Tina: It’s really been great. We have only known each other for 3 months, but it’s like we clicked from the first day; we had really good chemistry. We have the same sense of humor… It’s working very well.

René: Yes, and we support each other with positivity, good advice…

Tina: And we both really want this. This is our dream so we are fighting for it together.

And going on with the work together… How do the two of you work with the third character in this story: your song Mi amore?

When we heard the song and listened to the lyrics we put ourselves into the song. That way, we are faithful to the song. We feel it, We like it. It’s catchy. It goes straight to our hearts. That’s the most important thing for us. That’s what Mi amore can do.

The song is a dialogue, in a way…

Yes, we sing to each other and the song is about going through a difficult time in a relationship and coming to the moment when you know that this is the person I love, the one I’m going to be with. It’s one big love song.

Are there any plans to develop Mi amore… Say, singing it in other languages? Maybe Danish.

Right now we are going to see what happens. We’ve really enjoyed working together, so we are open to that, but we also write songs individually… We’ll just see after Saturday.

What would your ideal scene in Vienna look like, if you finally go to the Eurovision Song Contest?

Right now we’re focusing on the Danish national selection. Of course it would be great to plan the stage for Vienna, but we’ll get to that if we go there… Let’s first see what happens on Saturday.

Thank you for your time, Tina and René. Good luck for Saturday.

Thank you.

Tina & René will sing together Mi amore in the Danish national selection Dansk MGP 2015 for the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest.

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