Denmark: Anne Gadegaard speaks to ESCToday

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On the eve of the Dansk MGP 2015 ESCToday has the chance to meet Anne Gadegaard, contender in the Danish national selection for the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest. With her, Micky Skeel, the author of Anne’s proposal, Suitcase.

Anne Gadegaard became famous as a little girl when she won the junior version of MGP and represented Denmark in the first Junior Eurovision Song Contest. A few years later she is ready to take the stage of DMGP and go back to Eurovision. Before the dress rehearsal, Anne gave ESCToday a few minutes to discuss her act, together with Micky Skeel, her boyfriend and author of her entry.

Apart from being a singer, you are a blogger, too. We see that your blog is active, but with the preparations of the DMGP, how much time do you have left for

Not so much time… I’m focusing on singing right now, relaxing and preparing myself for the show tomorrow… So yeah, not so much…

A long of time has passed since Arabiens drøm. You’ve changed from a little girl to a young woman. From an artistic point of view, how have you evolved?

I think I have more experience now. Besides, I have been through a lot; I lost my mother. She was my manager back then, so now I have to stand on my own feet. I had to grow up fast, suddenly, because my mum wasn’t there any more.

As you were a winner of the junior version of MGP, do you feel as a favorite of this years DMGP?

No, I don’t think I’m a favorite. I don’t know if having won the children’s version is a good or a bad thing, actually. Right now I’m just taking one step at a time, doing my best, and then we’ll what happens.

You’ve had a career in music for quite some time. Did you think of attempting a Eurovision entry before? If not, why try now?

I thought about it, but I didn’t think I was ready, till now. It was only when the song authors asked me if I wanted to participate I thought it was the time.

Suitcase is a very positive song that says that nothing cannot be done. In that regard, how do you see your chances of winning the DMGP?

That’s a big question… I’m afraid to say what will happen. The other artists are so great… I’ll do my best, be happy and enjoy every moment. I’ll take just one step at a time…

Well, speaking of suitcases… Should you win the DMCP and go to Vienna, what would you pack in your Suitcase?

Happiness! (And at this point Micky adds: your pillow) Oh yes! My pillow and happiness.

Thank you for your time and good luck tomorrow.

Thank you.

Anne Gadegaard will perform Suitcase on 7 February in tha Danish national selection Dansk MGP 2015 for the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest.

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