Denmark: Cecilie Alexandra tells us more about Hotel A

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About to finish school, Cecilie Alexandra has undertaken an out-of-school activity. Not precisely sports… And talking to her you can see that she is not at all overwhelmed.

With a perennial smile on her face and a positive aura around her, Cecilie Alexandra speaks enthusiastically about her entry, school and her present life. And she gave some more details of the Hotel A

Hotel A has been written by a very powerful team. How does it feel to have such strong names behind you?

I think it’s so amazing. I’m so happy to have such a strong team with me. I couldn’t be any happier with the song that I have. It’s so much me… I can’t wait to perform it.

Hotel A speaks of first love… Anything you want to share with us…? (picture a crafty smile here, as Cecilie cheerfully laughs).

Well… I have a boyfriend… And, for the song, it is inspired by the French movie Amélie. It’s about a girl who experiences her first love and who also wants to make everybody happy.

It’s a very cheerful song. How is that going to be supported on stage? A still performance, or maybe with some dancing…

I’m going to invite you all to a French universe. I can also say that I’ll wear a big dress; and the last thing I’ll tell is that I’m going to dance, yes. Not wildly, but something slow, while I enjoy the song…

Besides in the performance I’ll be wearing my lucky necklace with me, with an A on it, which reminds me of Hotel A and hopefully it will bring me luck.

Quite a French story the one of Hotel A… Could the song have had some French language in it?

Actually in the last part that I sing, I’ll be staying at the Hotel A…, Hotel A is pronounced in French at that point.

How are your studies going?

I’m still a student. I still have three months left.

How are you coping with your studies and the preparations for the Dansk MGP?

It’s quite hard, because I’m so in love with the music and this competition. I’m putting all my heart and soul in this competition to do the best for the song and for the audience… It’s hard, but I get a lot of support from my school.

Have you sung at school?

Yes, I visited my former kindergarten and sang my entry for the kids there. And they loved it!

Regardless of the result of the Dansk MGP, what are your plans for the future in the music industry?

I hope to make some more music with my Swedish songwriters, and maybe also in Sweden. Hopefully I’ll be able to perform Hotel A in other countries and show the people there my universe and everything I have prepared for it.

Thank you for your time, Cecilie and good luck.

Thank you so much…

Cecilie Alexandra will invite the Dansk MGP audience to Hotel A on 7 February in her bid for the Danish entry in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest.

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