Finland: Punk band in UMK is supporting Down’s syndrome

by Robin Scott 459 views

Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu, more commonly abbreviated to UMK is the Finnish National selection process for the Eurovision Song Contest. In the 2015 edition, a punk band raises awareness to Down’s Syndrome.

A variety of performers will be participating for the right to represent their country in Vienna in May, but one band in particular will also be trying to raise awareness of Down’s Syndrome. This is a genetic condition that typically causes some level of learning disability and a characteristic range of physical features.

In an article in today’s Independent newspaper in the United Kingdom Jess Denham writes: PKN (Pertti Kurikan Nimipaivat) will compete against 17 other bands and are already excited about the process and hoping they will make it to the grand final stage.

He further writes that the band first got together at a workshop run by adults with intellectual disabilities charity Lyhty and hope to perform Aina Mun Pitaa (I Always Have To) on the Eurovision stage.

Pertti the guitarist is a big fan of Eurovision, Manager Kalle Pajamaa told Sputnik [Ed: an organisaiton covering news on the multipolar world]. Their families are supportive as well as the fans. Even the punk scene has been very supportive for the guys.

The article continues: Pertii Kurikka, Sami Helle, Kari Aalto and Toni Valitalo believe that appearing at Eurovision could help boost support for social programs helping the mentally ill and inform more people about Down’s Syndrome.

Here is a clip from PKN’s song Aina mun pita at the UMK 2015

Stay tuned to for further information on the Finnish artists in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015