Armenia: Team Andre praised by Simon Cowell for X Factor victory Armenia

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Pop music mogul Simon Cowell has congratulated former Armenian Eurovision star Andre and his team of boys for winning the Armenian edition of hit show, the X Factor.

The pop producer, whose show the X Factor has appeared in editions around the world, also congratulated Andre on the world record he set. For the first time in X Factor history, a mentor finished with all his or her acts in the show’s grand finale. Andre had been mentoring the boys, and his team finished with Vahe Margaryan in first place, Narek Vardanyan in second, and Hyak Hunanyan in third.

As a result of the team’s success, Cowell invited them to a special gala concert in the UK featuring acts from the British edition of the show where he applauded the team’s achievements and posed for this photo with them –

Simon was very friendly to me, Andre told journalists following his meeting with Cowell. He thanked me for my job, in Armenian!

The singer posted several photos on his Facebook page of his meeting with Cowell and his time with the boys in London, like this one taken by Tower Bridge –

Andre was the first ever Armenian representative at the Eurovision Song Contest 2006. His song Without Your Love finished in eighth place. Seven years on, he acted as spokesperson for the Armenian voting result at the Eurovision Song Contest 2013.

This was his third time as a judge on the Armenian X Factor. In its first two series, the Armenian edition of the X Factor was hosted by Aram Mp3, who represented the country at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen.

In 2014, Andre was joined on the mentoring and judging panel by Emmy, who represented Armenia at Eurovision in 2011. Despite her successful career at home, Emmy is so far the only Armenian competitior not to make it to grand final of the contest.

You can watch Andre’s performance at the Eurovision Song Contest 2006.

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