Norway: Secret Garden perform in Malaysia

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In 1995 a most unusual song won the Eurovision Song Contest when it was hosted in Dublin.

The song in question had few words and a much longer instrumental section. It was called Nocturne, performed by Secret Garden and composed by Petter Skavland alongside one of the performers, Rolf Løvland. The violinist was Fionnuala Sherry who played with the RTÉ Concert Orchestra for ten years amongst a variety of other collaborations.

Secret Garden is still going strong and fans were able to watch them performing at the Plenary Hall in the KL Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to an audience of almost 3000. In an article in the writer describes that they were accompanied by their band and two singers for this one-night-only event entitled The Greatest Hits Tour Live.

They played a selection of tracks from their 1996 debut album, Songs from a Secret Garden, to their latest, this year’s international release of Just the two of us.

Fionnuala is quoted as saying When we first performed this song, little did we realise how it would open the door for us, and take us to so many places.

The audience was treated to some of Secret Garden’s most memorable instrumental tracks like Song for a new beginning, Song at the end of the day and Sometimes when it rains as well as Heartstrings, a track that was later given lyrics and recorded by Barbra Streisand as I’ve dreamed of you.

Towards the end of their performance, Sherry spoke of the inspiration behind their name, relating the folktale of a brother and sister who were abandoned in the woods and how they found their way home using white stones that were illuminated by moonlight.

She continued We’d like to think of our songs as white stones leading us all to our own secret gardens.

The article finished saying that It was a simple, masterful and enchanting performance by two great talents, which ultimately proved that new age music will remain a timeless genre for its fans.

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