Sweden: Robin Stjernberg releases new single

by Helio Qendro 263 views

Robin Stjernberg, the 2013 Swedish representative in the Eurovision Song Contest has released a new single called Body Language, which he has been teasing for a while.

Two weeks ago, Robin surprised everyone, especially his fans with a photo of him in a bathtub full of M&M’s which is also the cover of his new single Body Language. Today the single was officially released through iTunes. You can listen & download it here.

The song has a summer feeling to it and it’s very pop. It seems Robin is taking a break from the heartfelt ballads and lyrics and bringing a more colorful side to his music. This transition was not totally unexpected as Robin had already released a dance song which featured Flo Rida in collaboration with Kontor, the famous German EDM company. You can read about that here. Body Language is expected to do well in charts over Sweden and will also be promoted in Scandinavia.

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