Russia: Dima Bilan is half Alien24

by Luke Borg 395 views

Alien 24 is a new electronic music duet between Dima Bilan & Andrey Cherny.

Reportedly, their first album is ready and will be released in early Autumn. They stated they are already working on their second one, since Alien24 is a long term project. Dima and Andrey said that the number 24 is very important to them as they encounter it in many of their situations.

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Below you can watch the video for the duo’s newest single Music is in my soul :

Dima Bilan represented Russia in 2006 with Never let you go and didn’t get the title for 44 points as he finished the runner up in Athens. But he kept believing and two years later he made his comeback with Believe and won the contest in 2008 taking us to Moscow the following year.

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