Germany: Roman Lob is back with new single

by Helio Qendro 219 views

Roman Lob, the 2012 German representative in the Eurovision Song Contest has come back after two years with a new single accompanied by a music video to go with it.

Roman Lob became known to the German audience in 2007 when he participated in Germany seeks a Superstar and was filled with praises when he won Unser Star fur Baku, the platform which chooses the German representative. He won back in 2012 with Standing Still, a heartfelt ballad. Since then Roman has been working with musical projects but hadn’t released anything until now. Roman returns with All That Matters, his new single. However it doesn’t end there as Roman is also releasing a new album on the 25th of July. A few weeks ago he also revealed the dates for his German tour which you can read about here. As you can see, Roman has a busy 2014 with an album, a tour and new projects coming up.

You can watch and listen to his new single here.

Stay tuned to for more news regarding Roman’s new album, Germany and the Eurovision Song Contest.