Austria: Conchita a hit with the ladies

by Pete Lewis 380 views

A study has found that Conchita Wurst, the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2014, is more popular with females rather than males.

A survey conducted by the Focus Institute in Austria revealed that the female gender looks more favourably at Conchita’s win than their male counterparts.

It found that 45% of women thought that her win was fully justified, whilst the same percentage of men believed that had Tom Neuwirth not performed under his Conchita guise, they would not have won.

The survey, which saw 254 Austrian citizens from a variety of backgrounds interviewed, also found that it’s the older male in particular that seems to look unfavourably at the character.

14% see her win and rise to prominence as ‘bad’, and will have a negative impact on Austrian society, with the majority of those with this opinion being males over 50). However, 37% said that they believe the victory will have a positive impact on society in terms of changing attitudes towards gay and transgender people.

When asked about qualities they associated with Conchita, the most common responses were courage and ambition. Other words used to describe her included modern, determined, sympathetic as well as the more negative replies such as embarrassing.

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