Lithuania: Interview with Vilija Matačiūnaitė

by Robin Scott 435 views

The fourth interview is coming from Lithuania. Vilija Matačiūnaitė answered all the questions of ESCToday and sent her clear message about herself: Enjoy life to the fullest!

You are 27 years old and have achieved a lot in your performing life. Has music always been the path you wanted to follow?

I’m not sure if it’s the path I WANTED to follow, but music has always been in my life since I was a kid.

Please tell us what made you to participate in the Lithuanian Eurovision National Final.

I went there for fun, we did the song for fun, and life in general is all about fun. I’m trying to enjoy each day and do not forget to have some fun.


In the end, out of 16 entries, it was your own song which was chosen to go to Copenhagen. How did you feel as each round went by and it was still in the running?

I was pretty sure that the song is strong and definitely will win. I believed in it. When I asked my producer Viktoras Vaupšas to make an arrangement for my songs reggae version, he laughed a bit, but I told him then, that I see this song in Copenhagen. And I think Beyoncé would liked it.

Please tell us the story, the meaning of Attention and how it came about.

It came to my head when I was still living back in London (UK). I was on my way home late at night and the first sentence of the verse, the pre-chorus and the chorus just popped out in my head. Something like an error notification on the computer (it often happens to me). It’s a song about true love and the respect to a woman. There once was a social advertisement campaign in Lithuania: Real men don’t buy women. I am supporting this campaign.


Lithuania has been competing in the Eurovision Song Contest since 1994. What would it mean to you to be the first winner for your country?

I wish I was… I would be really proud to show Europe my beautiful country in the next Eurovision Song Contest in 2015. I believe spring is wonderful here. You’re welcome to visit even without Eurovision!

Will there be any changes to the song or performance when we see you on the big stage?

I wouldn’t be so sure if it’s really the final version what you saw during the National Finals. I’m in search, and I’m asking the team that’s working with me, to be more open-minded and not to fear to look for some rearrange.

Have you heard any of the other songs competing in the Eurovision this year? Do you have any favourites?

I always try not to listen to other contestants, as it de-motivates me a bit, I start having doubts about myself and my choice being a singer.

What are your plans after Eurovision?

Enjoy life, have fun and travel around the world with my eyes and heart wide open and with great songs written for me to sing.

How’s Vilija behind the scenes? What are your hobbies? Describe yourself

I’m fun, I love fun, but at the moment I’m really focused on preparing for this big wonderful festival.

Is there anything you would like to say to our readers, many of whom will not yet have decided who to vote for?

I really hope you will hear the music, understand the lyrics, get the message and then just share this one thing that’s above it all: LOVE. God bless and see you soon! ;)))*


We would like to thank Vilija for this interview and we wish her the best of luck in Copenhagen!