Armenia launches Eurovision site

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After their successful debut in 2006 with Andre shooting to 8th place, Armenia proceed with feverish preparations for their second year in the Eurovision Song Contest. The Armenian national selection is under way and a new site dedicated to it has been launched.

Lyrics from twelve of the twenty semifinalists have been released so far. Most of the songs are in English, apart from Erik's Let it not seem less, Gevorg Martirosyan's New ways,and Sergey Grigoryan's I'm yours which are entirely in Armenian and R.P's. Blue bird and Karine Asiryan's Your heart is hot which are in English and Armenian. You can read the lyrics by clicking on the song titles. (the article will be updated as more lyrics are made available).

First semi final, February 23rd at 19:00

Jacklina Tumanyan –Angel (music and lyrics by Thomas Thontholm/ Michael Clauss/ Danne Attlerud)

Hariel Sando- Only music makes me strong (music and lyrics by Harutyun Apresyan)

R.P. –Blue bird (music and lyrics by Vahan Khachatryan/Hayk Harutyunyan/Arpine Shahnubaryan) UPD

Nelly Poghosyan- So I will go (music and lyrics by Arsen Adonts/ Twana Rhodes)

Gevorg Martirosyan –New ways (music and lyrics by Vahram Petrosyan/ Sergey Grigoryan)

Asta –My story (music and lyrics by Edgar Hakobyan) UPD

Arshaluys Sargsyan- Let today (music and lyrics by Emil Svajyan/ Arshaluys Sargsyan)

Sergey Grigoryan –I'm yours (music and lyrics by Sergey Grigoryan)

Emmy- You've done it (music and lyrics by Raf Herrero)

Erik –Let it not seem less (music and lyrics by Zara Petrosyan)

Second semi final, February 24th at 19:00

Hayer- You need a girl (music and lyrics by Brandon Stone)

Meri Voskanyan- Again, again (music and lyrics by Meri Voskanyan/ Adam Kesselhaut) UPD

Meri Voskanyan- Carry me in (music and lyrics by Meri Voskanyan/ Adam Kesselhaut/ Cande De Rouge) UPD

Marianna Hovhannisyan- I'll prove I am stronger (music and lyrics by Emil Svajyan/Anush Manukyan)

Sargis Edwards- Rain (music and lyrics by Sargis Edwards)

Karine Asiryan- Your heart is hot (music and lyrics by Roman Ignatyev/ Natalya Sidortsova/ Anita Hakhverdyan) UPD

Hayko- Anytime you need (music and lyrics by Hayko/ Karen Kavaleryan)

Vo.X –I'm my lover's (music and lyrics by Aram Rian) UPD

Arina Hovhannisyan- Colour of my tears (music and lyrics by Arnold Fritzsch)

Lana Khachatryan –Hate when you're gone (music and lyrics by Emil Svajyan/ Anush Manukyan)

By clicking here you can be directed to the where you can find information on this year's Armenia's way to the Eurovision Song Contest in English.

A very special thanks to Zaven Shegrikyan for his contribution to the article.

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