UK Exclusive: It not Daz either!

by Benny Royston 92 views

Earlier today, confirmed that Morrissey is out of the running for the United Kingdom national final, the fourth annual Making Your Mind Up. Now we can reveal that another hotly tipped candidate is out of the running, that is none other than last year's entrant, Daz Sampson.

Daz had prepared a song called Goodbye with T'pau lead singer Carol Decker and as reported months ago, had submitted it to the BBC for consideration for their 2007 entry. Daz today confirmed to that:

"The BBC explained that they felt that it might be a little to soon for me to come back, but the door is always open again in the future. As a Eurovision fan, I'm 100% behind what the BBC decide. I am disappointed because I love the competition and I'd love to go again. I know the BBC want to revamp the show and get some more big names, but if it ends up being lesser names then naturally like all UK fans, I will be disappointed. I will definitely be going to Helsinki for the show, just like all the other fans, and I'm seeing everyone there".

The timing is not a bad thing for Daz as he is required in the USA after reforming the band Sporting Rif Raf, which he describes as"a party-pop Chumbawumba type thing". They have produced a track which will feature on the soundtrack for the upcoming latest American Pie movie.

Speaking about the new project, Daz told that "Ministry of Sound have picked it up, there's a deal on the table in Germany but there's the big American deal and I'll be there for a month doing promotion in Los Angeles. We've just finished the new Uniting Nations single has just been finished and is ready to roll as well".

Daz will be publishing the Carol Decker song 'Goodbye' on next week and have been granted permission to link to the page when the song is available.

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