Norway decided: Guri Scanke to Helsinki

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Since Norway has hosted the Eurvision Song Contest in 1996, their results have been like a roller coaster: In fact, Norway has finished in the second half of the scoreboard every second year since then. According to that “rule”, the winner of tonight's Melodi Grand Prix should do quite well in Helsinki, as Christine Gulbrandsen finished 14th in 2006 with Alvedansen.

Webcast / satellite information

A webcast will be provided on NRK's official website here.

Satellite information:

NRK1: Thor 1°W – 12520 /17550 (encoded)

The songs

1 Infinity Hooked on you 01 to 1987 (SMS) 829 49 001 (televote)
2 Jenny Jnessen Hvil du ha svar? 02 to 1987 829 49 002
3 T. Rein feat. A. Ljones Maybe 03 to 1987 829 49 003
4 Dusty Cowshit Chicken rodeo 04 to 1987 829 49 004
5 T. Sivertsen & Funky Family Love on the dancefloor 05 to 1987 829 49 005
6 Jannicke Abrahamsen Rocket ride 06 to 1987 829 49 006
7 CRASH! Wannabe 07 to 1987 829 49 007
8 Guri Schanke Ven a bailar conmigo 08 to 1987 829 49 008


Infinity- Hooked up on you

nfinity start the show in the best possible way… with a bang!! A powerful dance track , probably inspired by the dance music back in the 90’s ( kind of 2 Unlimited meets Barbie Girl). The outfits are outrageously funny, polka dot tutus for the girls and a turquoise jacket and top hat for the lead singer. They have practically taken over the whole of stage and they are doing a great job exciting the audience. Much better performed than in the semi, it got the crowd cheering and clapping enthusiastically.

Jenny Jenssen- Vil du ha svar

Jenny takes center stage with her 3 female and 2 male backup singers working their classic Eurovision arm waving. Jenny takes advantage of the whole stage and catwalk delivering her classic schlager dance song professionally.

Trine Rein- Maybe

Another track that could be decribed as 'country inspired'. The names like Shania Twain and Alannah Myles springto mind. Trine Rein performs the song confidently and her voice 'agrees' with the violin perfectly. Hey, is the violin player a member of Lordi? There's fire coming out of the violin and the crowd loves it! The presenter calls Trine ''a panther on high heels"!!! She does move smoothlt indeed!

Dusty Cowshit- Chicken Rodeo

Yeeeeeeee-ha! Texas has invaded Norway. Country music seems indeed to be gaining in popularity in Europe these days. The six cowboys look the part and sound the part, and they are fun, although thir performance seems a little toned down compared to the semi. The song is fast and makes you want to jump up and stamp your feet to the beat. That would be a sight on the Hartwaal Arena stage. Don't know if they'll make it or not, they sure seem to be having a blast though. Question: Is one allowed to say the S word in Eurovision?

Torhild Sivertsen & Funky Family-Love on the dancefloor

D.I.S.C.O.! Gosh, this is a step back in time but a good one too! They even do the John Travolta-point to- the -sky-hip -to -the -side move. A smooth funky dance floor track that will go down well with older generations, fresh enough to get the younger ones up and dancing too. Don't you just love the funky afro guitar players?

Jannicke Abrahamsen- Rocket Ride

Jannicke and her “Space Cowgirls” come on stage now to take us on a Rocket ride. Dressed in black Catwoman bodysuits with huge, golden, boxing world champion belts and golden laser guns they have sure their have sure set their “phasers to stun” (for you Trekkies). Very well choreographed and well executed but the song is happy and rhythmic with a catchy chorus but…a little too schlager and a little too Abba. Crowd loves them, nothing like a dose of good old fashioned schlager to get those fans going!Good luck girls!

CRASH– Wannabe

A cross between American teenage garage band and British pop CRASH, they are young, fresh and enthusiastic. They take advantage of the entire stage and catwalk, as they should! Very professional delivery from the four boys who encourage the audience to send in those sms's.

Guri Schanke- Ven a bailar conmigo

Guri "Chikitita Sexy Seniorita" has the most “Spanish” sounding song as the title suggests. Two male dancers toss and turn the diva around in perfect synch. The best choreography of the show should give Guri some extra points. Oh my God! where did that dress go? Guri does a dress change on stage, from a tiny black dress to a red sparkling one ( legs still visible enough 😉 ) and the crowd goes crazy. Well, dress changes are very popular on the Eurovision stage ( remember Marie N?)

Ok, that was it! Deep breath, songs and televoting numbers on screenand it's time for the people to have their say. Guess it's going to be a tough one for Norway as we saw many good performances tonight ( and no ballads).


Dusty Cowshit to the gold final together with….


Guri Schanke and finally……

Jannicke Abrahamsen

One more round of voting now before we know which of the four acts will be heading for Helsinki. Deep breath time again….

Now thatwas a beautiful interval act! Christine Guldbrandsen, looking like an angel in white, flies on stage tosing her latest songs, among them Alvendansen, last year's Norwegian entry. Accompanied by a small orchestra, complete with harp and violin, and dancers ,all dressed in snowy white, she works wonders to soothe both audience and artists before the nerve wrecking finale.

Brace yourselves, ladies and gentlemen, word has it that the NRK computer has a very special software and results will be ordered to make it as exciting as possible. So prepare that it will be close to the very end!

The jury votes:

CRASH 24.000

Guri 14.000

Jannicke 14.000

Dusty 14.000

And now for the televotes…

and the winner is Guri Schanke with Ven a bailar conmigo!

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Stella Floras

Thanks to Johnny Logan and Hold me now I fell in love with the Eurovision Song Contest, a love that's been going strong ever since with undiminished passion. My first memories date back to 1977 and the lyrics of Rock bottom, Dschinghis Khan and A ba ni bi are still engraved in my brain.

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