Melodifestivalen 2007 2nd semi – the results

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Just minutes ago the second semifinal of Melodifestivalen 2007 started in Gothenburg and with 9500 people in Scandinavium tonight it will be a magnificant show. 8 acts will battle it out for two tickets to Globen and two tickets to the Second Chance final in Nyköping. Big favourites tonight is the Swedish Megastar band The Ark.

The opening act is about to finish and Kristian Luuk is will now introduce the show to the people in Scandinavium and to the TV-viewers with a couple of less fun jokes but anyhow everyone is cheering him on and the atmosphere is fantastic here.

You can follow the show live on the internet from this link:

Finally we are on the move with the first song tonight. Regina Lund performed her song Rainbow star in white Star Trek clothes and red gloves. She did a good performance, but her voice broke down due to a cold she has had during the week. The audience still cheered her on during the whole song.

Next up was the teacher from Munkedal Marie Lindberg who tonight stands on a stage for the first time in her life. She performed her own song Trying to recall and was greeted by a huge row and big applause from the audience. She did very well and even though she was nervous it didn't show. When she had finished she got the biggest applause so for tonight. Perhaps a new star is born tonight?

OK time for some action again this time with Jimmy Janssonand Amanda. A very uptempo song about a a girl he likes so much that times stops when she is walking pass him. Jimmy's girlfriend is in a hospital tonight waiting to give birth to their first baby. He did a good performance and was cheered on by the public.

The four girlsof Cosmo4 are asking all of us What's your name? in a very catchy song. They sing well together but when they are doing their solo parts their lack of strong voices becomes clear. People in the audience love it and are cheering on and clapping hands.

Time for some synthmusic with Lustans Lakejer and the song Allt vi en gång trodde på (Everything we once believed in). A very 80's song with two red girls on stage are they perhaps part of Sestre from 2002? This song was not so big in the hall and they had to settle for a normal round of applause.

Jessica Andersson is back with a new song Kom (Come) and new clothes, no one can forgett the clothes from last year. This year she is doing a catchy disco tune with strong a refrain and a nice choreography. The audience was clapping hands and seemed to like it.

Grand old man Svante Thuresson was 70 years old on Thursday and participated last time in 1977 and won in 1966. This year he is back with AnneLi Rydé to perform the song Första Gången (First Time) a lite qute bossanova song. They both did a pleasant performance and is considered to be a darkhorse tonight by the bookies. They also finished off with a good round of applause from the audience.

Ooohh now the heat in Scandinavium is on top and everyone is getting ready for the hotties in The Ark and the song The worrying kind. The song started off with big pyro on stage and the people went mad screaming and clapping during the whole song. The performance was almost over the top and we all loved it. The screaming and applause after the song, we haven't heard since Carola last year.

Now the first round of televoting takes place and will later eliminate three songs and then a second round of televoting will take place to decide who goes to Globen and who goes to the Second Chance Final.

First round of votes are in and the artists in the green room are getting nervous. The three songs that have been eliminated from the contest are:

8. Rainbow Star – Regina Lund

7. Allt vi en gång trodde på – Lustans Lakejer

6. Första gången – Svante & AnneLi

Songs to vote for in the second round are:

Trying to recall – Marie Lindberg

Amanda – Jimmy Jansson

What's your name – Cosmo4

Kom – Jessica Andersson

The worrying kind – The Ark


To the final:

  • The worrying kind – The Ark
  • Trying to recall – Marie Lindberg

To andra chansen:

  • Kom – Jessica Andersson
  • Amanda – Jimmy Jansson

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