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One of the most succesful Eurovision Song Contest countries in recent years, Romania, is holdingits national selection for the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest right now. After various scandals icluding accusations of plagiarism and disqualifications, the show will probably one of the most discussed events in the 2007 national final season. The expectations are high – after a 3rd place in 2005 (Luminita Anghel & Sistem – Let me try) and finishing 4th in Athens with Mihai Traistariu and Tornerò, the country is obviously aiming for its first victory.

The show

Two semi finals were held on 27th January and 3rd February. Although 12 songs were set to participate in each heat, only 11 songs actually took part after disqualifications in each heat. The top six out of each semi final were chosen by a jury (50 %) and televoting (50 %) to move forward to the final. Just like the last two weeks, the interval act will include many EurovisionSong Contest classics performed by Romanian artists as well as a 'boxing match' between two will present live and frequently updated coverage of the telecast tonight.

Webcast / satellite information

A webcast is provided here.

Satellite information:

TVR:Hotbird 6 (13.0E) – 11623.00 V/ 27500
TVR: Eutelsat (16°E) -11471 V / 29950

The songs

1. Nico – Dulce-amăruie
2. Trupa Veche – Deci 20
3. Marcel Pavel – No podre vivir
4. Desperado and Tony Poptămaş – Where were you
5. Tibi Scobiola – Nu pot să uit
6. Locomondo – Liubi, liubi, I love you
7. Ionuţ Ungureanu (Provincialii) – Time
8. Desperado and Tony Poptămaş – European – a beautiful sin


Right now, a modern version of Waterloo (Sweden 1974) is performed by a group af dancers. The three hosts of the night are dressed up as knights this time. The jury is now introduced and receives a very warm applause.

Nico – Dulce-amăruie

A very emotional performance of the ballad. In the background there are some modern dancers and the overall impression is very strong. The song might drop its special feeling if it was translated into English.

Trupa Veche – Deci 20

The stage is dark at the beginning, only hand claps can be heard. The songs starts as a ballad and leads to a more rock-alike main part. This entry could have well been performed in the 1980s.

Marcel Pavel – No podre vivir

The song is partly in the same style as Tornerò but with classic vocal features. The stage performance includes backgound dancers while Marcel concentrates on the vocal performance.

Desperado and Tony Poptămaş – Where were you

All truck drivers in Romaniamight stand up now: Although the country pop/rock song is illustrated by a pretty simple performance, it is well received by theaudience. The chorous is quiet catchy andobviously US-American inspired.

Tibi Scobiola – Nu pot să uit

A slow and quiet song. All performers are dressed in black and so is the stage. Reminds of some Eurovision Song Contest entries in the early 1990s but the overall performance is very professional.

Locomondo – Liubi, liubi, I love you

This was one of the favourite songs among the televoters in the first semi final. A colourful preformance that includes singers playing the roles of magicians (a real pidgeon is coming out of the hat!) and painters. The arrangement of the song – a mediterranean tune – concentrates on the acoustic guitar. Probably the biggest applause so far.

Ionuţ Ungureanu (Provincialii) – Time

A marble statuewith an hour glassreflects the theme of the song in the background. There are also some dancers. The arrangement is similar to the previous entry but a bit more slower.

Desperado and Tony Poptămaş – European – a beautiful sin

Song, arrangement and performance are similar to their first one. Of course, it's a big question if the fans will split their votes which will cause less votes in the televoting.

All songshave beenperformed – it's time for the interval act(s)!

The PRELIMINARY result of the televoting:

1. Loccomondo
2. Ionuţ Ungureanu (Provincialii)
3. Desperado & Tony Poptămaş (European- a beautiful sin)
4. Marcel Pavel
5. Nico
6. Desperado & Tony Poptămaş (Where were you)
7. Toni Scobiola
8. Trupa Veche

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