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Miguel Canadas from Mision Eurovision gave an exclusive interview to esctoday.com Spanish editor Sanjay Jiandani where he spoke about his Mision Eurovision experience and his ambitions. Miguel who hails from the beautiful Spanish city of Alicante has shot to fame in Spain since his participation in the debut show of Mision Eurovision.

The 26 year old uprising singer has charmed the nation with his charismatic and beautiful voice. He will be competing in the Mision Eurovision semifinal along with 19 other candidates in their quest to qualify fo the final of Mision Eurovision. He loves romantic music and ballads.

He has enjoyed both fame and name in Puerto Rico where he has performed and apperared on television shows. In 2004 he released his debut album, currently his working on his forthcoming 2nd album. He plays the guitar and has composed 127 songs by himself. Miguel speaks about himself, his career , Mision Eurovision and his hopes to represent Spain at the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest.

When did you start your musical career? Have you only performed in Spain?

“I started my singing career at the age of 16. Apart from performing in Spain I have also performed in Puerto Rico and Miami”

Tell us some things about yourself, or funny incidents you have been through. How would you define yourself as a person?

“Well I remember something that happened to me in Miami, one of the strings on my guitar broke and I was looking for a store where I could buy guitar strings. I was with my manager looking around for a place where they would sell these strings, until we finally found the store after hours and hours of searching. The best thing is that the guy who attended us didnt understand us and thought we wanted to rob him!ehhehehe! Thats an unusual situation isn't?

Well I am a very family orientated person, I am a good friend when it comes to friendship and generally I am a very open, outgoing and friendly person.”

How has your experience in Mision Eurovision been so far? What has it meant for you to compete in it?

“It's been a very enriching experience indeed, both personally and proffesionally speaking. I think its a great privelage and pride for me and for any other artist to be among the shorlisted opting to represent their own home country in the Eurovision Song Contest. This whole experience has really meant a lot for me as it has fullfilled one of my biggest wishes.”

Where in Spain are you from? In what are you working currently?

“I am from Alicante. Right at the moment I'm busy working with Mision Eurovision and I'm concentrating on the next gala, the semifinal. I am also composing songs for other artists and finishing off my 2nd album.”

Do you follow the Eurovision Song Contest every year? What do you know about it?

“Yes I have been following the Eurovision Song Contest since I was a young boy. I remember the whole family used to get together on that night, we used to have dinner and assemble enfront of the television to watch the show! Its the most important song contest and musical event in Europe plus it has a huge international following.”

How would you feel if you represented Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest? What would it mean for you?

“It would be a dream come true! To tell you the truth there are no words to describe this wonderful feeling!”

What did you go through during the Mision Eurovision voting? How did you feel?

“It was something very beautiful. Exciting and full of emotion. I was very grateful to everyone for their support.”

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