Mision Eurovision Gala 3 tonight

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The third Gala of Mision Eurovision will be held tonight at 22hrs CET in Madrid with lots of surprises in store. 15 more candidates will be reduced to 5 qualifiers for the semi final. TVE will also officially announce the 10 qualified songs to compete in the 2nd round of online voting.

Paula Vazquez willas usualbe presenting the show tonight with the help of Massiel (Spain 1968) and Mikel Herzog (Spain 1998). Mision Eurovision will airedlive onTVE1 and TVE International Europe at 22:00hrs CET. Below you can find the list of the artists competing tonight:

01 Just 4 Voices
The band is made up of Ana, 31 (soprano), Susana, 35 (mezzosoprano), Alicia, 42 (contralto) and Mercedes, 43 (bass). The four-piece girl bad from Madrid sing a capella and have worked together for eight years in various different styles such as jazz, soul, gospel, pop or rock. They have performed in TV shows and in a very popular series in Spain called “Los Serrano

02 Yolanda
Born in San Sebastian and living in , Yolanda has sung in several bands for the last 15 years, one of them called Vertigo. She supported Los Caños, La Cabra Mecanica and El Canto del Loco (very popular Spanish groups) and has recorded some songs with Iguana Tango.

03 Luís Fierro
Luis is 58 years old and lives in Madrid. He was a member of the group Top Pops. They made the hit “Mamy Blue” (it is a cover of the classic) very popular in Spain and Central Europe in the 70s, He has spent more than 40 years in the music industry and won the Festival de Benidorm (Benidorm songcontest) in 1981.

04 Lourdes Savarese
She is Argentinian but lives in Barcelona. She is a trained dancer and a successful beauty pagent performer, including a finalist of the argentinian beauty contest “Reina Nacional del Mar” (“National queen of the Sea”). She has had some hit songs, One is “Olvidar su boca” that was included in Caribe 2006 (Caribe is a summer collection album that is released every summer).

05 Paris
Paris is 21 years old and from Madrid. A singer and actor, he played a role in one sequence of the film “Imagining Argentina” with Antonio Banderas. He performed a character in a Spanish TV series called “El Comisario” and has also played in drama (Himmelweg) and worked in TV spots and TV shows.

06 Sheila Rodríguez
Sheila is from Barcelona. 31 years old, she works with her father in a band singing popular songs. For the last three years she’s been dancing in a company of flamenco

07 Arde Troya
Arde Troya marks a second chance for Cristina Conde, who failed to qualify from the first gala as a soloist. This is a duet from Ibiza and Madrid comprised of Christina, and Rafael Artesero. Rafael has composed a lot of songs for the Eurovision Song Contest including Andorra’s in 2005.

08 Yanira Figueroa
Yanira is only 17 and comes from Alhaurín de la Torre in Málaga. She won a TV contest (Gente de Primera) at TVE1 in 2005. Then she could record a CD (“Mi corazón es así”) with Merche, a very popular singer, David Santisteban or Alejandro Abad (important composer and producer) collaborating with Rosa (the winner of TVE1 first “Operación Triunfo” and Spanish Eurovision representative in 2002).

09 Javier Enzo
Javier was born in Badajoz although he spent time living in Cadiz with his family, he now lives in Madrid. He sings in a group called “La orquesta Libertad” and is preparing to release a record with former Operacion Triunfo face, Edith Salazar, Esmeralda Grau and Lavinia (Spanish Popstars).

10 The Sweet Metal Band
This new metal group hails from Valencia. The band is made up of Fernando Jiménez (voice), Miguel Ángel Capilla (guitar), David Vaquero (drums), Carlos Jiménez (bass) and Iván Lozano (guitar). They have recorded three albums and have supported famous groups such as Sôber, Ktulu, Glass and Def con Dos in Spain.

11 Javier Ríos
A 31 year old from Sabadell (Catalonia), Javier is a 5th finalist from the Festival de Benidorm 2005 and one half of duet Rios de Gloria (very popular some years ago in Spain and Latin America). He has recorded one album as a solo artist “Cúrame” to date.

12 Robin
Robin, or Ascensión Torres Díaz, is from Villanueva de Ariscal (Sevil). She won a contest in Andalucía (“Cazatalentos” of Canal Sur Radio) and had the opportunity to record in 2003. Her record is called “Dulce oportunidad. Robin”. She has studied drama, singing, and dance.

13 Rebeca
Her mother is the well known singer Franciska and her father is the painter Jose María Pous. One of the fan's favourites to win Mision Eurovision, she started her music career in 1996, when she was 18 years old. Her first single “Más que un engaño” was a big hit in Spain, Latin America and USA. “Duro de pelar” is one of the most classical song of the dance music in Spain and Latin America. She recorded seven albums to date and sent two songs to TVE for selection in 2006, “Lo prefiero” and “Que no daría yo”.
Que no daría yo” was released in Audio and Video in the CD+DVD Disco Estrella 2006, a compile disc; this cd has sold over 100 000 copies in Spain.

14 Nash
Nash consists of Basty (Cádiz), Ony (Valencia), Javi (Sevilla) and Mikel (Tenerife). They released their first album last year “Capaz de todo” with five songs composed by them and entered the AFYVE list of bestselling albums. They have performed in TV shows and have thousands of fans, most of them teenagers, they are popular in magazines such as “Vale” for young girls and are another of the favourites to go to the final.

15 Marta Llenas
Marta is 30 years old and comes from Gerona. She plays the piano and sings in different bands and choirs for other artists. She is currently a member of a duet called Sentimental Mood with a singer named Sergio Barrilis.

TVE will officially announce the 10 songs that will qualify for the next qualifying round of online voting during the show tonight under the auspices of an official notary.Five of the songs will be chosen by the public via online voting and the other 5 will be chosen by the Mision Eurovision. Viewers will be invited to vote online again for these 10 songs in order to choose their favourites from the 24-28 January. The top 3 will then qualify for the final along with 2 more chosen by the Mision Eurovision jury. The results will be announced officially next week during the 4th Gala of Mision Eurovision.

Tonightthe names of 5 more acts that will qualifyto compete in the semi final will be revealed. We will come to know who will join Nessa, Santa Fe, Miguel Canadas, Gerard, Poker, Montse Mallorquin, Mirela, Nazaret, Paraelissa and Paco Arrojo in their quest to represent Spain in the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest scheduled to be held in Helsinki. You can watch the Mision Eurovision Gala 3 live tonight on TVE1 and TVE International via satellite. Below you can find the schedule and the timings:

  • TVE 1 – 22:00hrs CET
  • TVE International Europe – 22:00 hrs CET
  • TVE International America Zone 1 – 02.30 hrs CET
  • TVE International America Zone 2 – 04.30 hrs CET

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