The Top5 innovators of the wind machine at Eurovision

by Alex Stewart 3,985 views

[tps_header]The wind machine has been a gimmick long used to curry favour and enhance a performance at the Eurovision Song Contest. Particularly favoured by the Schlager genre of the contest, takes a look back at the top 5 innovators of this medium that would prove to be so successful or not so as may be the case , at the contest.[/tps_header]


The prototype was created, tried and tested in early 1991 in Stockholm and sent to compete in Rome at the Eurovision Song Contest in May of that year. The result was Carola. She would work this prototype to great effect and it would come to be associated with her throughout her long career. Fångad av en stormvind, performed with a steady breeze to anchor the power of the song was not a clear cut victory for Carola as she tied for first place with Amina from France, the first time a tie for the top spot had been seen since 1969 in Madrid. Despite the madness of King Toto, Carola was awarded the grand prix for her energetic and vivacious performance.

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