Malta: 70 songs left in the race

by Luke Borg 1,471 views

Today PBS have announced the 70 songs that made it through to the second phase of the competition.

A record breaking 210 entries have been submitted to the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2014. Since then, a number of judges have been carefully listening to the songs behind closed doors and have now shortlisted the number to 70. These are the songs that made the cut:

Singer Song title
1 Romina Mamo Addictive
2 Nadia Again
3 Fiona Cauchi All my love
4 Ruth Portelli Almost heaven
5 Dorothy Bezzina Analyse this
6 Anique Back to…
7 Michela Mallia Bad girl
8 Amber Because I have you
9 Fire Light Bite the bullet
10 Davinia Pace Brand new day
11 Jamie Tonna Call it love
12 Jessica Micallef Candy
13 Ryan Paul Abela City lady
14 Miriam Christine Closer to you
15 Fire Light Coming home
16 Ioana Dalli Could have been me
17 Francesca Borg Dazzling
18 Jan Pace(Jan Cortez) Don’t bring me down
19 Ylenia Vella Drop dead beautiful
20 Floren Sultana Favourite waste of time
21 GlorianaArpa Belli For all those times
22 Natalie Gauci Grow up
23 Anna Azzopardi Here I am
24 Nadine Bartolo High
25 Kylie Coleiro How can I miss you?
26 Jessica Muscat Hypnotica
27 Kristabel Mercieca I Hope you know
28 Minik I will not surrender
29 Cherise Attard In too deep
30 Jessica Muscat In your kiss
31 Raquel Galdes Invisible
32 FabrizioFaniello Just no place like home
33 Annabelle Debono Kiss your tears away
34 Sophie Debattista Let the sunshine in
35 Jelena Living Again
36 Anique Look wonderful tonight
37 Christabbelle Borg Love tricity
38 Franklin Calleja Love will take me home
39 Franklin Calleja Made for you
40 Annalise Psaila Magic moonlight
41 Eleanor Cassar Magic symphony
42 Neville Refalo Mi-mi-mind
43 Andreana Debattista Now and forever
44 Chris Grech Oblivion
45 Minik Once in a while
46 Daniel Testa One last ride
47 Debbie Stivala Pin the middle
48 Ben Reach the light
49 Kaya Reaching the sky
50 Dorothy Bezzina Remember
51 Miriam Christine Safe
52 Anique Samani sahe
53 Wayne William Same kind of wonderful
54 Annalise Psaila Shattered dreams
55 Rikki Lee Scicluna Smile
56 Romina Mamo Stronger
57 Anique Sweet surrender
58 Julie Pomorski Tabula raisa
59 Pamela Take me
60 Simaria Galea Take me as I am
61 Corazon Ten
62 Francesca Borg The one
63 Nadine Bartolo The question
64 Dario Mifsud Bonnici The thief
65 Kevin Paul Calleja Under the sun
66 Deborah C Until we meet again
67 Joseph Refalo What when where
68 Dayle Camilleri You
69 Francesca Borg Your game
70 Simaria Galea Zest

As one can expect, from this list there are lots of familiar names including past representatives Miriam Christine (1996), Fabrizio Faniello (2001, 2006).

Artists that came close to winning in the past and decided to try their luck again are Amber, Davinia Pace and Eleanor Cassar as well as artists that we’ve seen in the national final numerous times like Francesca Borg, Deborah C, Corazon, Pamela, Romina Mamo, Wayne William (Micallef), Dorothy Bezzina, Kaya and Anna Azzopardi.

The next step in the Maltese selection is Friday 29th November, where the 20 finalists will be announced on the local programme Xarabank.

The Maltese national selection will take place on Friday 7th February and Saturday 8th February where the 27th Maltese representative will be chosen.

Gianluca won the right to represent Malta with the song Tomorrow and achieved 8th place in the final.

Stay tuned to for more information about Malta and the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest.