Exclusive: It's Natalia Barbu For Moldova

by Benny Royston 1,683 views

esctoday.com can exclusively reveal that the first 2007 Eurovision Song Contest entry will be Natalia Barbu for Moldova singing Fight. The internal jury of eight members plus the chairman officially confirmed the result this afternoon. The result was clear cut and it did not take long to reach the decision.

Natalia Barbu was selected by a jury composed of four music industry professionals and four members of the general public to reflect both the Moldovan music industry and the musical tastes of the country. The jury was supervised by a chairman, who did not vote. Because only three songs were carried forward to the final selection round, each jury member awarded 8, 10 and 12 points to the three songs. Natalia received top marks from 7 of the 8 jury members! The final result was as follows:

  1. 94 points Natalia Barbu – Fight (Brasoveanu/Buga) listen here
  2. 76 points Zdob si ZdubSpace Cowboys (Ghincu/Iagupov, Jaro)
  3. 70 points Olia Tira Your place or mine? (Taranu/Taranu)

The result will come as a surprise to many, who expected Moldova's first Eurovision Song Contest entrant, Zdob si Zdub to be selected for a second time. One website went as far as to claim that "It's a common secret in Moldova that Zdob si Zdub will be chosen tonight officially since they are the only ones actually who can pay for their own expenses". However, Moldova has gone to great lengths in recent weeks to ensure that they will participate in Helsinki with the best possible chance of success, having only decided to participate on the final day of submissions for the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest.

It was clear from the readers of esctoday.com's comments yesterday that Natalia was a clear favourite amongst the fans and it appears that the Moldovan jury are inline with their views. Natalia is said to be surprised and excited about the prospect of representing Moldova and was overcome with emotion when the decision was announced.

You can get a glipse of what to expect from Natalia by clicking the play icon below.


More about Natalia Barbu
Natalia Barbu is a Moldovan singer who's reputation is already spreading abroad. She is known in Germany, Romania and Ukraine and has performed on both the big stage and in small clubs across these countries. She is described as "slim, red-haired, with slightly slanting eyes and has a beautiful smile" by Welcome Moldova. In an extract from a recent interview given to the website, Natalia talks about her career and her music:

Natalia, let me ask you a question: there are now many young artists on the Moldovan stage such as Indiana, Aura, Nelli Ciobanu, etc. Aren’t you afraid of competition?
"I think that competition has always existed. It makes us better. Today spectators can make a choice by themselves whose songs to listen to. If they don’t come to my concert they will definitely come to another artist’s concert. But the stage is not a race where someone must come first. We all are different and due to this diversity our stage becomes more attractive".

Moldovan singers earn less than those from Russia, for example. Can you afford to make video clips, buy modern clothes and cosmetics?
"We should accept the fact that our singers receive lowsalaries compared with those that are paid to Russian or some other singers. Moldovan interpreters cannot afford to buy property abroad; they do not go to the Canary Islands for a vacation. But at the same time our salary allows us to lead a normal way of life".

At the 2003 National Contest of Pop Singers called “MOLDOSTAR” you succeeded in winning the Special Prize and were named a sex symbol of the Republic of Moldova. Could you, please, share your emotions?
"To tell you the truth I was surprised very much. The fact that I am a national sex symbol means that I have to maintain my reputation and always be in a good shape".